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Prime Stage Mystery Theatre

Mar 25, 2021

Mystery solved! Or is it? You may have found your missing actor, but the story of his disappearance is not as clear as it seems. Get ready for some final surprises as August LaFleur reveals that a good story need not be bound by the reality that inspires it. 

Mar 18, 2021

The clock is ticking. In a few minutes, you’ll be needed to be on stage – but right now you’re hot on the trail of your missing co-star. Can you find him in time to make your entrance and save the show, or are you both about to be caught up in an actor’s nightmare?  

Mar 10, 2021

Not all clues are things you can see. Sometimes, you have to listen. Join us as we separate acoustic red herrings from audible clues in this week’s installment of “The Play’s the Thing.”


Mar 4, 2021

There’s more than one way to find a missing person, but how would you do it without looking for them? Today’s episode invites you to consider not one but two prompts that could lead to solving the mystery. Consider the details presented in the story so far, and send us your thoughts via